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Put the right system in place with help from our Wednesbury bathroom plumbers

Having a new bathroom put in? Need the plumbing system on point? It calls for a professional team of plumbers and that's what our guys at Diamond Plumbing & Drainage can offer.

Complete service

Fully qualified

27 years in the business

The prep work means a perfect bathroom at the end

There’s lots to consider when it comes to installing the right plumbing system for your bathroom. How much water is going to be needed for day-to-day use? What kind of default temperature do you want when that water comes out? How will the waste need to be managed? If these sorts of details aren’t identified and ironed out from the get-go, you’re liable to have a bathroom that doesn’t work how you want it to at the end. Get it done properly and you can dodge those future issues. Like finding out the bathroom’s water supply just isn’t enough. Or that shower pressure isn’t enough to wash your hair. The Diamond plumbers can account for all of that.

Shower head with water stream on  blue background

What does our bathroom plumbing service look like?

There’s a two-stage process to our bathroom plumbing service. The first stage is the behind-the-scenes considerations. Think pipes, valves, connectors etc. Once all that’s in place, we can then move on to the second stage. This is all the front-and-centre material. Like your fixtures. Your appliances. And the pipework that connects them up. There’ll also be a final testing and commissioning step where we make sure that your plumbing system works as intended. It’s a comprehensive process to make your bathroom practical and not just easy on the eye.

Stylish bathroom vanity with modern sink
bathroom fixtures and fittings are of different construction

Why our bathroom plumbing service?

We can do this for either your home or your business premises. And with 27 years in the plumbing trade, you can trust that we’ll do it the right way. All our plumbers are City & Guilds trained and our reliable and comprehensive plumbing service has earned us a 5/5 rating on We can provide the plumbing system that your new bathroom needs.

‘Can you get to us?’

If you’re within a 15-mile radius of our Wednesbury office, we can get to your location and provide the service you need. That includes most of the Birmingham area, taking in locations like Lichfield, Northfield and Wolverhampton.

Have the perfect plumbing system for your new bathroom

To enquire, speak to our dedicated team at Diamond Plumbing & Drainage

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