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Water flowing down the drain

Drain problems? Call for our local drain unblocking service in Wednesbury

Slow draining water. Bad smells. Gurgling sounds. If you’re getting this, then your drain’s got problems. Problems that can get worse if left. Call our drainage engineers at Diamond Plumbing & Drainage for a comprehensive solution.

24 hour availability

Fully qualified

CCTV drain survey available

It’s best to tackle that blockage as soon as possible

If water isn’t draining as fast as it normally does, it can be a major inconvenience. But that inconvenience can turn into disaster if the situation is left to fester. Eventually the system can overflow. And that overflow can cause untold problems when it comes to the structure of your home or business premises. So if you do have a blockage within your system and the plunger isn’t working, it’s time to contact our team at Diamond and let our engineers take the lead.

Drain being cleared by worker in navy overalls

The plan of action

Our drainage engineers will come down to your site, investigate the system and identify exactly where that blockage is. It could be leaves. Debris. Even a tree root. But once we know what it is, we can then apply the right fix. That fix could involve anything from a spring to high pressure jetting. Whatever the problem, we’ve got the equipment and expertise to sort it.

Split drainage pipe caused by ingress of tree roots
High Pressure Jetting
Hydro jetting sewer cleaning method

High pressure jetting

We’re members of the Water Jetting Association and can use drain jetting equipment to remove a range of tough deposits that can clog up a system. It could be fat, grease – even silt. Whatever the blockage, we can apply the right temperature and pressure gauge to rip through it and clear it away. That’s regardless of the size of the pipe or the nature of the blockage.

CCTV drain survey

It’s not always clear what the blockage is that’s turning your drainage system upside down. And that’s where a CCTV drain survey is so useful. It’s a high-resolution camera attached to a rod. We then feed the rod through the pipe via a manhole or cleanout and move it through the pipework. Everything that we come across is fed back via a live video feed. And that could be anything from corrosion to a collapsed pipe.

Once the investigation has been completed, we’ll provide a written report for you that details everything that was uncovered during the investigation. From there, we can proceed to the fix. It’s ideal when trying to isolate a blockage. But it’s also a useful step during the house buying process, when you want to get the final word on that property’s drainage system.

CCTV drain survey equipment
CCTV Drain Survey

Always available to clear that blockage

Whatever the blockage, whatever the scale – we can provide the clearance service. And we can do that any time, Monday to Sunday, 24 hours a day. We’ve nearly 30 years in the sector and come fully qualified too. We’ve also achieved a 5/5 rating on for the all-round quality of the service. Why not take a look at a review below?

Wherever you’re based in the area, we can provide a service for you. Our 15-mile radius takes in a number of locations, including Lichfield, Stourbridge, Erdington and Coleshill.

"Came to me straight away, very reliable company. Unblocked my drain with no problems. Would highly recommend."
AlfieC-61 ( review)

We can get those drains back to normal

If you’ve got a problem with your property’s drains, give our team a call

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