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Toilet bowl flush

Toilet not draining? Use our toilet unblocking service in Wednesbury

If the toilet isn’t draining, the flushing system isn’t working and bad smells are starting to develop, it’s time to call in the big guns. Diamond Plumbing & Drainage in Wednesbury can get that toilet cleared and back to working order.

24 hour availability

Fully qualified

27 years in the business

A fast response is key

A toilet that’s not doing its job can really disrupt your day. But the situation can get much worse if that issue is left. Worst case scenario, it overflows and you’ve got water needling its way into your bathroom floor. And maybe even the floor below, depending on the layout of your home. It places a massive strain on your property’s plumbing system too, potentially damaging it in the process. And the health hazards of an overflowing toilet don’t need to be elaborated on. If your toilet isn’t in the best shape, the time to tackle it is now.

finger pushing button and flushing toilet

We can get that blockage cleared

Give our team a call and we’ll be there in a jiffy to get to the heart of the problem and rectify it. We’ll carry out an inspection, identify exactly what’s causing your toilet so many problems – whether that’s anything from a wet wipe to your kid’s Iron Man figure (you’d be surprised) – and get it cleared. Your toilet will be back to its normal doodies in no time.

Toilet bowl flush
Plumber with a toilet plunger

Not just your bog standard toilet unblocking service

The Diamond team can clear out any kind of blockage. And our remit covers both homes and businesses. With 24 hour availability, we’re always on hand to help you. And with nearly 30 years in the plumbing and drainage trade – and a team who are all fully qualified in their roles – we’ve got the experience and the expertise to do the job right. It’s why we’ve a 5/5 rating on and the kind of feedback you can see below.

Based in the area?

If you’re anywhere within a 15 mile radius of our Wednesbury base – from Hednesford and Northfield to Coseley and Tamworth – we can provide a service for you. All you have to do is call.

"Unblocked a toilet and really good service."
KyleS-235 ( review)

Get in touch for a fast toilet fix

If your toilet needs unblocking, call our drainage experts today

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