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A shower faucet handle spraying leaking water

Water leak? Use our water leak repair service in Wednesbury

If water’s leaking into your property and you can’t find the source, get in touch with our emergency plumbing team at Diamond Plumbing & Drainage. We can seal up that leak fast.

24 hour availability

Fully qualified

Fast response

It’s not just about the wasted water

At best, you’re using more water than you need to and you’re paying for the privilege. But it can be downhill from there. Water plays havoc with a building’s structure. If it’s getting into your property’s walls, ceilings and flooring, then warping and cracking can start to develop. Mould can build. Mildew too. And what about that water getting into your electrics? It doesn’t bear thinking about. The sooner it’s addressed, the better. And we can do it for you.

mould on the wall of an apartment

We can find that leak and fix it

Our water leak repair service is designed to be as non-invasive as possible. We use a range of equipment to identify where that leak’s coming from, including thermal imaging cameras and acoustic microphones. Once we know where it is, we then get started on the fix. We keep the work as minimally disruptive as possible, so that it’s done quickly and comprehensively and you can get back to your normal day-to-day.

Hands of plumber working on tap
Plumbing tool pipes and fittings on white background

Why our water leak repair team?

Diamond Plumbing & Drainage can sort out any leak, no matter how small. And if you need a gauge on the reliability of our service, just see our reviews. It’s the kind of service that nearly three decades of experience can offer. Not to mention a team of fully qualified plumbers who know exactly what they’re doing. And with 24/7 availability, we’re available to fix that leak as soon as you call us about it.

‘Can you get to us?’

If you’re within 15 miles of our Wednesbury office, we can get to your property and sort that leak. That takes in most of the Birmingham area, including Rugeley, Hagley and Sutton Coldfield. So why not get in touch and sound us out?

"Brilliant service, great communication, they really are true diamonds. Thank you so much."
RobinL-125 ( review)

Stop that water leaking into your property

For a quick and professional repair, call our dedicated plumbers at Diamond Plumbing & Drainage

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